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Our Vision

"To live in a world with a societal non-acceptance of domestic and family violence."

Our Mission

  • Work towards healing and transformation and the eradication of all forms of violence against women and children.
  • Lead social change, systems advocacy and community understanding of trauma-based violence.
  • Make a difference through positive role modelling, mentoring and community activism.
  • Become a wave maker; an incentive element that produces an altering or transforming influence through radical stimulus.

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We are a not-for profit, non-government organisation funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability and governed by a Board of Management.


About Us

Our Centres

The Working Against Violence Support Service (WAVSS) is the Regional Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) service for Logan and the Redlands.


We are a not-for profit, non-government organisation funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability and governed by a Board of Management.

Client Responsibilities

As a client of the service we ask that you treat workers and other people in the service with respect and dignity. You can do this by letting us know if you need to change your appointment. You can also help by letting us know your thoughts about the service you received by completing a 'feedback form' which can be found in reception.

As a client of WAVSS you have the following rights:


To receive sensitive, respectful service regardless of social status, age, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion or political belief.


To receive the services of an interpreter if necessary.


To remain anonymous.


To know the name, qualifications and professional status of your counsellor, and to be offered an appointment time that is mutually convenient to both the client and the worker.


To clear, concise information regarding your counselling.


To be informed of management plans regarding counselling, and be given the opportunity to accept or reject planned approaches.


To give or withhold information (even though the withholding of information may limit the amount of help that can be provided by the service).


To gain access to your file in the presence of your counsellor, and to have your comments recorded upon request.


To consent or not consent to participate in research, or receive services from students.


To be assured of confidentiality at all times, within legal and ethical guidelines.

Client Rights

Maintaining the confidentiality of client information and ensuring security of client records is a priority at WAVSS. Clients will be fully informed about limits to confidentiality within the service, the purposes for which the information is obtained as well as how it may be utilised. Legal requirements or compelling ethical or moral reasons can demand otherwise. Where possible, the client will be informed of this prior to action being taken.

Our Policy on Confidentiality


Candle Lighting Remembrance Ceremony, May 2015 - Over 220 Logan community members attended the ceremony in remembrance of those who have died from Domestic Violence.

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WAVSS Logan                           WAVSS Across The Redlands

The Logan City ICR has been operating for close to 20 years with a strong community commitment to increasing safety for women and children experiencing domestic violence. As the lead agency for the ICR, WAVSS has a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to work effectively with over 30 community agencies in the Logan region, and 10 agencies in Beaudesert.

Logan City Integrated

Community Response (ICR)

Together with our local community and service partners, WAVSS leads the highly-functioning Logan City ICR partnership, which includes core membership for targeted safety response.

Redlands Integrated Response (RIR)

There are many local services and community leaders in the Redlands community who are actively committed to working together to address domestic violence and to increase safety for women and their children.  These include members of the Redlands DV Action Group chaired by Redland City Council, and the core Stakeholder Group which provides a range of integrated responses working in partnership through Cleveland Court.

As well as the core Integrated Response work, the broader RIR community membership will continue to work together to connect services, give information, provide support structures and share resources to create a stronger web of support for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence.  Along with holding regular group meetings, these strong linkages make a real difference in best advocating for and providing the necessary system supports to enhance women’s safety.

  • Established in 1994 in the Logan region, WAVSS has provided specialist DFV services and supports in Logan, Beenleigh and Beaudesert for the past 21 years.


  • In September 2015, WAVSS launched our newly funded DFV service in the Redlands community, WAVSS Across The Redlands; the first new regional domestic violence service funded in Queensland in the past 20 years.
  • Responses to women and children are provided through an open-door policy with immediate crisis response, risk assessment and safety planning, warm referrals, ongoing tracking and practical supports offered through intake, counselling, therapeutic groups and court support.


  • Responses to men and boys are facilitated through perpetrator intervention programs, community mentoring, and sporting partnerships.

Integrated Response

Media & Events


"Regional domestic violence services facilitate coordination across agencies within the local community to ensure safety is the first priority, to reduce the burden on victims of violence trying to navigate a complex system, and to ensure an appropriate and effective response is provided regardless of the first point of contact in the system. Historically, some of the local coordinated responses have been referred to as integrated responses."

Queensland Domestic Violence Services Network (QDVSN).

  • Joint advocacy and support, particularly at the time of crisis
  • System navigation including police liaison, court support and background intel
  • Relevant information-sharing to minimise risk
  • Joint effort in expediting safe transition to refuge
  • Peer support to break through system barriers
  • Pooled resourcing and supported referrals
  • Community education and awareness-raising as an extension of local coordinated efforts.
  • Case conferencing and review (de-identified)

The ICR provides system safety through:

WAVSS Integrated Response efforts make a difference by effecting collaborative efforts at the point of crisis for women and children who are under immediate safety risk or in need of protection. The true effectiveness of a highly functioning Integrated Response happens behind-the-scenes, beyond regular meeting attendances, when members are able to host a round robin of immediate response to meet pressing safety needs.


WAVSS offers free information, support and counselling for people, predominantly women and children, experiencing domestic and family violence.


We provide a cushion of support and soft entry points where at risk and vulnerable clients can safely, and more easily access services and receive tangible outcomes in a welcoming and non-threatening way.

WAVSS has an impeccable reputation for the provision of specialist crisis support and integrated system response.


We work to increase women’s safety by leading and participating in coordinated partnerships and safety networks both locally and across the state.


We also work proactively to instigate modern intervention and prevention strategies across community that significantly (critically) impact social and systemic change.


p: (07) 3808 5566

e: reception@wavss.org

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